90-Day Internet Challenge

Hey there!  Anyone keen to sign up for a 90 day internet challenge?

I have been a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate since April 2015, and an online business owner.

Wealthy Affiliate has an Online Entrepreneur Certification Course teaching ordinary people like you and I how to create successful online businesses that generate revenue.

Within one month of joining Wealthy Affiliate, I had my first website up and running (this is the one :))

Read more about my online journey here.

However, after a few months, I just got too busy and was unable to focus on building my websites.

Yesterday, I made a decision to start over again the training at Wealthy Affiliate.  Here is my I’m Starting Over blog post about embarking on a 90-Day Challenge.

The Starting Point:

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Wealthy Affiliate Online Certofication - Getting Started

Level 1 Course Description (10 Lessons)

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course consists of 5 Levels.

The first 10 lessons in Level 1 will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business. This getting started course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.

What You Will Learn in a Nutshell

4 Step Process of Making Money Online

Lesson 1:  Get Rolling!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!  Create your Personal Profile and get to know the awesome community.

Lesson 2:  Understanding How to Make Money Online

Understanding the process of affiliate marketing and making money online

Lesson 3:  Choose a Niche

Understand what a niche is and choose your niche

Lesson 4:  Build Your Own Website

Build your very own niche website

Lesson 5:  Setting Up Your Website

Learn the basics of WordPress admin and optimization

Lesson 6:  Getting Your Site Ready for SEO

Understand the basics of SEO and how to make your website search engine friendly

Lesson 7:  Finding Content Ideas from Keywords

Understand keywords and key word research process

Create your own list of low competition keywords

Lesson 8:  Understanding Website Pages and Creating Your First 3

Prepare and publish 3 pages in your website

Lesson 9:  Creating Quality Website Content

Learn how to create content that gets ranked

Lesson 10:  Congratulations and Your Next Step

Online Entrepreneur Certification Badge

Why Join This Challenge?

1)  Anyone can achieve success online and Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform to learn how to build an online business.

2)  You get to learn how to build your very own free website.

3)  You get an opportunity to interact with a whole community of online marketers who care about helping you succeed.

4)  You decide after 1 week whether you wish to complete the whole 90-Day Challenge.

5)  You will learn new skills and develop discipline after 90 days,  and success follows cultivating the right habits.

6)  You will be more committed and be able to achieve more by taking up a challenge.

7 )  Last but not least, it’s free to join!  🙂

To Join The Challenge, CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment below.

Looking forward to your participation!

Sue Tay @ BestWealthyAffiliate



2 thoughts on “90-Day Internet Challenge”

    1. Hi Darren, thank you for taking time to reading my post and for your comment.
      Glad to hear that it has given you some motivation! 🙂
      I’m sure you would agree that there is so much to learn regarding website development and building an online business.
      Wealthy Affiliate offers heaps of training tutorials and videos for everything you need to know as an online entrepreneur.
      Regardless of which stage you are at, on-going learning and working on your websites will be required.
      By taking part in a 90-day challenge, it will help us to keep focused and ultimately develop good habits over a 3 month period that will eventually lead to success!
      Looking forward to you joining the 90-day internet challenge and supporting each other along the way.
      ~ Sue

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