Hello there again!  Welcome to my new About Me page.  Smiley Face  On this day, one year ago, I created this website.  Today, I’d like to give an update about my affiliate marketing training and share my success story with you.

My Affiliate Marketing Training Story

My name is Sue Tay and I created this website Best Wealthy Affiliate exactly one year ago at the end of my one week free Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

It all started with a dream and a desire to help others have a better life because I had been so inspired by the achievements of a great leader of my home country, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

My initial goal was to learn about affiliate marketing.  It was part of my retirement plan to do something in my spare time to earn some extra income so that I could donate to charities and support community care programs.  I started off selling some women’s fashion accessories but retail sales weren’t fantastic.  Besides, the rental free shop space I have will not be available for me to enjoy forever.  So I decided to look for a better option and started to explore selling online instead.  As I was researching on the internet about online stores and affiliate marketing, I found Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

After signing up as a WA Premium member, I spent the initial four months learning as much as I could and have been progressing steadily along the Online Entrepreneur Certification training courses and WA Affiliate Bootcamp.

Since then, I have built several websites (5 in total) simply by following the training at WA and taking action, and with the support of the helpful WA community.

My Journey of Online Success

I have learned so much at Wealthy Affiliate.  But a very important lesson that I’d like to share with you is this:

Affiliate Marketing Training

I have read of so many who had been scammed before they joined Wealthy Affiliate.  I myself had paid thousands of dollars to learn how to build a WordPress website but I just couldn’t do it.  In contrast, within one week of training at WA I was able to set up my first website (please feel free to browse around and comment or ask me any questions).

And I have also read many success stories at Wealthy Affiliate.  But I also know that they did not happen overnight and not without putting in much hard work.  But the more testimonials I read, and the more I learned, the more exciting my journey became and the more I personally achieved.

So very often the path to building a successful business actually looks like this:

Journey of Sucess

But the good news is that I did not have to go through it alone when I have a community of online experts guiding and supporting me.

Where I am Today

I am a pharmacist by qualification and I have been working in full-time jobs almost the entire time since my graduation.  That means having spent several decades of the best years of my life working for other people.  Although it earns me a decent living, I have decided that it is time for a change. I am now seriously planning to fully retire from my profession to do what I truly enjoy… online marketing.

At Wealthy Affiliate, I have discovered the path of success and learned so much about how to make money online, it’s my desire to help anyone else do the same.

My initial goal when this website was created was to share about my journey at WA and to inspire others to pursue their dreams in starting their own online business and become their own boss.

In 2016, I will be focusing on 2 new websites to share more stuff on the internet about the things I love and knowledge and experience I have.  More updates later!

When I first started, I had no experience at all in blogging or building websites… but if I can do it, so can you!

If you have a passion or interest which you would like to share with others, let me help you create a website for it and there’s no stopping you from turning it into a thriving online business.

Begin Your Journey Now

Join the training platform and become part of an amazing community that has been instrumental to my online success.

I do look forward to meeting you on the inside!  Smiley Face Wink

You may also like to read my 1st anniversary blogpost at Wealthy Affiliate and check out my updated WA Profile.

If you are a fellow WA member reading this, please do leave a comment below to share how your own journey is going.


Sue Tay


6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Training”

  1. Thank you for this valuable information on providing poeple with what is the most valuable place to learn all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, wealthy affiliate. As a member myself, I can conclude that all of the statements in this blog post are spot on! I appreciate what wa has done for me and i am sure many others will as well!

    1. Hello Jacob, thank you for reading my post and for your comment. 🙂

      It’s great to have another member of Wealthy Affiliate verify and endorse what I have written!

      I’m glad that you have found learning at Wealthy Affiliate to be valuable and and that it has helped you with your affiliate marketing business.

      ~ Sue

  2. Hi Suetay,

    Great post,

    I am currently a member of Wealthy affiliate and it is a great online site for kickstarting your own online business.

    Wealthy affiliate is great and offers everything you need to know and all the support you need to building your own business

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great thing and i feel more people should take advantage of this great opportunity provided by Kyle and Carson

    thanks for sharing pal


    1. Hi Josh, thank you for visiting and commenting on my post.

      Yes, Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer and the support is great for anyone wanting to build their own online business. I have learned so much at Wealthy Affiliate and would highly recommend it for its affiliate marketing training, website building, SEO and social media marketing.

      ~ Sue

  3. I understand that these things tend to take time, but does that mean that someone who’s more desperate for money but doesn’t have anything else can still do this? How long on average can one expect this process to take and how hard is it to do? What if we can’t afford the training and all the expenses? Will I still be able to do this?

    1. Hi Jaylin, thank you for your interest in reading my post and your questions.

      These questions are commonly asked and there’s really no exact answers. I can only try to answer them to the best of my ability and with honesty. As with any other types of business, an affiliate marketing business takes time and hard work to build. It’s not a way to get rich quick as many internet schemes or scams may promise. However, for someone who has little money to start a business, this is actually a good way to do so, as all you need is a computer or laptop, internet connection, register a domain name and work from home. You don’t need to own any products to sell as an affiliate, but a good training system. Even if you have $0 you can still continue learning about how to start an affiliate marketing and building your website and business by remaining as a Starter member at Wealthy Affiliate. However, as an annual Premium member you will be able to enjoy the privileges of getting the support form the WA community as well as additional training. The support and additional you would get would be quite instrumental for your success.

      The training system at Wealthy Affiliate has been proven to work and is easy to follow, even for people who are newbies and not very IT savvy, like myself and many other moms and pops. How long it takes will depend on each individual’s speed of doing the training, time commitment. I would say that your self discipline and determination will play a part. You can read about Kyle’s (one of the co-founders of WA) very own experience here.

      In general, I would encourage anyone who can afford to sign up for Premium membership at a discounted fee of $19 for the first month and then save by paying annual Premium of $359/year instead of $49/month. The amount of training in WA will easily take 6 months to a year to go through.

      If you are contemplating on joining, there will be a Black Friday Sale coming up a couple of weeks from now that you might want to take advantage of. 🙂

      If you really, really can’t afford the money at this time, my personal suggestion is for you earn some money in a part-time job, save up and invest it into the annual WA premium membership and reap the ROI.

      Please do follow me on my blog and my social media if you’d like to learn and journey with me. And you can always ask me further questions if needed.

      Best wishes to you!

      ~ Sue

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