IM Glossary – List of Internet Marketing Terms

Here, I would like to share with you a list of internet marketing terms that you might need to understand as you build your website and learn about internet marketing.

It comes as no surprise that any newbie in internet marketing would be learning many new terms and have many “What Is _ _?” questions.  So in the process of learning the “How To’s” you might probably also be asking a few “What is _ _?”

More terms will be added on to this list but if you are unable to find any terms here, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

An external link is a link from your website to other websites.

An internal link is a link within your own website (from page to posts, page to page or post to post.

To learn some tips on how to enhance the appearance of your links when you add internal or external links to a post, watch this video:

Better Internal Links in WordPress

A tag cloud is an infographic that will show you the most popular tagged words and present them in size order

A widget is something that will appear in a certain place on your WordPress website. It is used to add different features to your website. Some are “behind the scenes” features like SEO, while others can create stuff for users on your site to interact with the site.

If for instance you would like to promote a particular product sold through Amazon that is relevant to your content, you can download an Amazon widget on your website as a “side widget” – something that appears on the side of your content and promote that particular product.

There are other types of widgets too.  E.g. If you use Pinterest, you can create a widget on your sidebar that is linked to one of your Pinterest boards.

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