Turning Dreams Into Success

Do you dream of being successful, and have you thought about turning dreams into success?

Some might dream of getting a huge windfall, or dream of receiving a large inheritance, or maybe you dream of that big lottery win? If you have, then you have probably thought about what you would do with all that money. Obviously you’d want to spend some of it on making your life and your family’s life better. What would you do with the rest?  Give some to charity and invest the balance?

How would you invest the money? As we all know money makes money. Do you daydream of creating a very successful business with a guaranteed income stream?

Did you know daydreaming can be healthy?

How Daydreaming can be Healthy

Studies have shown that by daydreaming and with your mind wandering this enhances creativity in the brain.

According to a study done by Dr. Thomas A. Langens, of University Wuppertal, Germany, and from an extract published in Sage Journal. http://ica.sagepub.com/content/22/2/103.abstract, research has shown that conceptions of a desirable future, seem to have a stronger motivational impact on individuals high in achievement motivation.
Therefore, it was assumed that daydreaming mediates between goal commitment and goal attainment in individuals high (but not in those low) in achievement motivation.

Other studies have shown that by spending a few minutes each day, daydreaming (we are talking reality here not fantasizing), test subjects were able to come up with multiple ideas on how to make better use and other uses of everyday items commonly used in everyday life.

The Lottery Mentality

As you know, the likelihood of some daydreams becoming real are a billion to one. Many get caught up thinking their day will come, and that’s where it stops.

Do you want to make those dreams real and have you considered the many options you have?

Make those dreams work for you

Channel that energy into starting a business as an entrepreneur. A business can be an expression of you. Don’t let it be a barrier. Believe in your dreams.

A business is a place you can aspire to achieve your dreams. How?

A business can give you independence, a growing income, more time and importantly self-satisfaction and achievement.

Set Goals

To make your dreams become reality, set some goals.
Setting goals is a surefire way of helping your dreams come to life and will close that gap getting you to success fast.

Set a goal of building relationships, good strong relationships in business are a must. Relationships can give you a lifeline for support, help you gain knowledge, and even help build a customer/client base.

Make a Plan

Write down your goals, how you want to reach them and any foreseeable obstacles that may come up, and importantly how to deal with them.

Decision Time

When starting out in business we can easily become overwhelmed, and tough decisions, are often required.

At times, when we come to a fork in the road, do we go right or do we go left? It is at this time that many new entrepreneurs give up, and they get off the road.

Often we don’t know what the right or wrong choice is. Making a choice will keep you moving forward, not making a decision is a decision to fail. There is never a wrong decision; the action from the decision may need tweaking, and any hiccups will soon be ironed out.

Make a decision now to commit, and realise your dreams.

Dreams Come True

Get Started Online

Don’t delay… now is your time. You need nothing to start a business, nothing but your dreams and your imagination.

Build an ideas list; jot down your dreams, hobbies and likes and you will be amazed at the business opportunities that come up. Opportunities are all around.  In today’s world, getting started online has never been easier. You can build a website and promote your, own business idea, sell products online or even get into affiliate marketing.

You are in control of your destiny. Get out there and make the changes, build on your dreams by taking action and become an achiever now.

This article was contributed by Darren Wilkins, a successful entrepreneur.

Darren 2

About Darren Wilkins

Darren is a serial entrepreneur who runs a number, of successful businesses both online and offline. With over 30 years experience in management and as a management consultant Darren has a can-do attitude and offers real practical advice that can be used for any business no matter the size.
Semi-retired, Darren is still very passionate about business and is motivated to assist new entrepreneurs. He operates a website sharing his experience, giving how-to advice on starting and running a business.

You can visit Darren’s site here www.arcos-creator.com

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